About Us

Home-Start Aylesbury Vale is a local charity which was set up in 2003 in response to an identified need for a support service for Aylesbury Vale families that was free at the point of service and open to all.

We are affiliated to the national organisation, Home-Start UK, but are independent and autonomous and responsible for our own management and raising our own funding. Home-Start UK provides advice and support through a regional consultant together with a stringent Quality Assurance review process to ensure the scheme operates effectively.

The charity is run by a board of Trustees who are responsible for the management and direction of the scheme and there are two part-time members of staff, together with a network of trained volunteers who carry out the home-visiting parent support service.

Trustees and Staff


Jane Mather Chair
Raymond Clarke Treasurer
Jo Swift Company Secretary
Liz Lucas Vice Chair
Caroline Wheller Trustee
Barbara Mitchell Trustee
Shushana Kendrick Co-ordinator
Maxine Siggers Administrator
Sheena Wheeler Administrator



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