What Parents Say

“I am happier, less stressed, she has been wonderful, she was like the kind of mum you should have. She gave me confidence, I realised I could do it!”

“You probably saved my life – you were there just at the right time and helped me when I needed it most.”

“The support Home-Start gave me was invaluable. There was no-one and I mean no-one that I could talk to except my volunteer and I think being able to talk to her saved me from going mad. I really do think I was close to the edge.”

Special needs child and sister“Excellent match, children loved her. It’s the major reason my life has turned around.”

“Because of my volunteer’s support I’ve been able to re-frame my problems. I’ve been able to let go of the anger, my depression has lifted and I’ve been able to draw a line and let go. When I asked for Home-Start Aylesbury Vale’s help I had no idea of the change it would bring.”

“Volunteer has been the light at the end of the tunnel, gets me through the week.”

“Thank you for your help and support and just listening, it helped me more than you will ever know. I am a changed parent in a very positive way and much more confident.”

” I feel as though I have come out of a nightmare, I’ve come to terms with my situation she was brilliant. ….it was so simple but it really helped me.”

Asian child reading“The volunteer’s support has helped me spend some much needed time on the family’s needs which have had to take a back seat during my treatment. She’s wonderful and we’ve been able to go through a period of being normal thanks to her.”

“They came in at a very low black time for us and brought so much light and love back into our family.”

“Brilliant,a huge lift, I’ve come through the tunnel, feel I can stand on my own two feet. It has made all the difference, I feel great now.”

“We are naturally strong capable people but when we were both floored we needed help, none of the services were there for us but you were and we can never thank you enough.”

“Volunteer has been invaluable, she treats us as normal. It’s so good to have someone to visit who isn’t linked to all the problems. I’ve found my bearings.”

“I can’t describe how wonderful it’s been, so heart-warming and helpful. The volunteer has been fantastic and it’s made a big difference.”

“A huge thank you for giving up your spare time to give what proved to be invaluable help and support for me”

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