A Pledge and a Promise

Home-Start Aylesbury Vale is a local charity for ordinary parents in Aylesbury Vale who are going through extraordinary times, having to cope with difficult situations and young children at a crucial time in their lives.

We have to raise all our own funds to provide our network of volunteers who offer an emotional and practical lifeline to families, helping them to get back on their feet.

Home-Start Aylesbury Vale is seeking 750 people who will pledge

 a regular donation of £5 a month

By making a Pledge of a regular donation you are helping to provide a home-visiting volunteer to a parent who needs support.

volunteer with mother and baby

By making a Promise to pass on a Pledge and a Promise leaflet to one or more people, you are helping to pass the “Pledge and a Promise” on.

A parent who has received help from Home-Start Aylesbury Vale said:

“I remember sitting in the front room, curtains shut as my son was very ill that day, my youngest desperate to get out, my husband at work, feeling like I was sinking in quicksand and so depressed. Just knowing that my volunteer was coming was a psychological life-line. She gave me empathy, adult company, humour, ideas and friendship.”

This family no long needs a volunteer but there are many others who do.

By making “A Pledge and a Promise” you are helping a local family through a difficult time.

If you would like to sign up to the Pledge and a Promise scheme please call 01296 485615 or email us and we will be happy to send you a form to complete and return.

Thank you!

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